Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 4: Getting Shit Done

UPDATE: After a nice dinner with a friend, and running a few more errands, I ended up back at my place a little before 7. I came in to wind down for a bit, and then changed into some comfortable clothes with which to do some wicked Yoga.

And boy, was it wicked.

Some of the moves I just wasn't physically capable of doing (Yet!). But I stuck with it through a hefty hour and a half routine, complete with balance poses (which I was surprisingly good at, thanks to the stance training we do in Kenpo), and a lengthy stretch afterward. As with all the other workouts, I'm trying to leave as much of myself on the mat as I can manage. The program does a good job of letting you recover from the beating you just took, with just the right medicine at the end.

However, I still need to work a lot on my flexibility; I farted during the routine, and then promptly racked myself with my own thigh. It'll come with time!

So despite the extremely unproductive yet extremely busy day I had, I made time for the workout, even if it wasn't early in the morning like I'd prefer. Roll with the punches, and stick with it; that's the plan.

GTD (or Getting Things Done) is a pretty popular philosophy among today's self-development specialists and Life Coaches. However, a lot of it really sounds super new-agey to me, which unfortunately kind of detracts from the good items that I'm sure are buried in some of these articles and books.

That in mind, I've been reading Craig Harper's blog for a while now, ever since it was suggested reading by ZenHabits' Leo Baubuta. Today's entry, entitled "Twelve Steps to Get Shit Done," is a pretty practical and entertaining guide, pulling no punches and stripping the principles down to their simplest, bare bones concepts. I like it.

I weighed yesterday so I could have a nice starting number as my "Before" weight, rolling in at a nice 274, with another 4 pounds ticked off. Feeling good about that this morning, while getting dressed for lunch with friends today, I decided to whip out the skinny jeans, and see how they were fitting. Lo and behold, not only do they fit nicely, but I've got some room to spare. I need a new belt.

Today was kind of a slow start for me, just not being able to get out of bed. I'm sure its the combination of the weird dreams as a result of the Chantix, the extensive increase in workout, on top of a lower calorie diet. Today, I'm going to try eating a bit more for my in between meal snacks, and see if that gives me enough energy to get through the day, and into tomorrow.

Today has been a busy day all around, with lots of errand running. So, I've had to push my morning workout to late afternoon/early evening. But, I'm committed to the schedule, and the next 90 days, so even if its midnight, you better believe my ass is doing some wicked Yoga today.

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