Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 6: Social Disorder and Crawpappy's

Last night, I went and hung out with my buddy David, and his friend Ben for a while, had a few drinks, and shot the breeze. Later, when Sarah got home from work, David, Sarah and I went to a bar called Crawpappy's, had some brews, and engaged in much revelry. It was a nice evening after spending the day punishing myself with a workout, and then sitting infront of the computer drawing my life away.

Today's installment of the P90X Program was Kenpo X. I took a look at it just to see what it was like last week, and for the most part, it looks to be a great workout. However, I happen to study Gomaru Ryu Kenpo (the martial art the workout is based on), so I traded my P90X workout for today's Noon to nearly 4pm back to back Kenpo/Bukendo classes. Worked up a great sweat, and I thanked everyone for beating me up with a long wooden stick (per usual).

Tonight is the Benefit Concert for the Admiral Twin Theater. Geoff and I are meeting Sarah in a bit to meet up for some dinner, and head on over to catch Caroline's Spine when they finally get up on stage.

*GASP!* Chad, getting out of the house and doing stuff? Two nights in a row? Wow, I might have a social life (just a small one).

Slow Starts, Fulfilling Journeys,
Chadimus Maximus

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