Monday, October 25, 2010

Week 3: Its ALIVE!

So, I kinda let the ball drop when it came to daily posting, but I'm going to endeavor to make sure I put SOMETHING up here each day. Last week was kinda hectic, between trying to make headway on a project for a friend of mine, studying for my Bukendo test, and finally this past Saturday taking the written and physical tests. Now, I get the chance to knock something else off my list of commitments, and reorganize my priorities and get back to a less crowded but no-less intense week 3.

Today started the third week of Phase 1. Today was kind of a wonky day, though. I worked my way through the exercises, but today is just a low-energy blah blah day, waning into not feeling so hot in the evening. So, I'm going to chill out this evening, and try to get my energy up to continue with this final week of physical pseudo-hell before the recovery week.

Weight-wise I'm more or less the same, between 265 and 270, but I've shaved a couple inches off of my waist, and able to fit nicely into a size 38 jeans; a endeavor I'm quite proud of, considering the last pair of pants I bought were in the 44-46 range.

Coming up on a month on the program, and I'm still doing it. Sticking with it will be tough, but I have the feeling that as I work on my health and well being, the other aspects of life will begin to fall in place; or, hopefully, reveal themselves somewhat.

Here's to the great debate!
Chado, the Way of Tea

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