Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 9: Hallways & Humans

Going to try something a bit different, today. I'm going to try blogging about the events of the day the next morning, so as to treat it as a post mortem of sorts. This will also mean that I don't feel obligated to write as soon as I get home when I come home late (like last night).

Yesterday was a good day. I got off to a really late start (surprise, surprise!) but managed to get a lot done. Still concentrating on the single project at the moment, but I'm gearing up for hitting the 12 Week Challenge hard as soon as I'm finished with this hefty time filler.

Last night was "Boy's Night," where we used to just get together and play HeroQuest. Sarah really liked HeroQuest, so she started coming to play as well. Over a period of time, this transformed into a want to play Dungeons and Dragons. So, up until about a month and a half ago, I was DM of our 5 person group, and all was well, until I needed to start concentrating on other stuff and being DM got to be too much. Luckily, everyone was willing to help out, and Geoff took over DMing duties, and we started a really sweet Asian-inspired campaign last night, where for the first time in years, I got to play a regular character. Had a blast with everyone last night.

Afterward, had some much wanted hangout time with Sarah, as we went to Wally-World and walked around a while, then grabbed a few grocery items. Yeah, not the most exciting date, but its the company that matters.

That put me home a little after midnight, so I had a relatively late night. Today I'm trying something different. I'm eating breakfast, then chilling out for a bit before hitting the workout. We'll see how the flow of the day goes.

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